So Many Questions... (Oh my! another update!)

November 16, 2003

Will we ever know the answers? Our Opinion writers attempt to cut to the chase. Take a look.


Teen Life, Don't you Love it?

November 15, 2003

The updates continue (I've surpirised even myself this time) and now you can check out the latest in Teenage Life.


We're Back!

November 13, 2003

Well, it's been a while, but Voices is finally back in action and ready to release a newspaper! A very special thank you goes out to Inês Ribero, Sarah Horowitz, and Solmas Baibordi for their absolutely excellent work in taking this issue from a bunch of non-edited articles to a finished, polished, and great-looking newspaper. Way to go guys!

Because the newspaper is scheduled to arrive in Oakwood homeforms sometime next week, I have decided to take a break from being my usual, procrastinating self and actually get all of the content up on the site! *pauses for cheers of joy...*

Hopefully I will be able to put up one section per day or 2 days, but my goal is to have the site fully updated by the time the Issue is released next week.

The first page up and ready is Under the Tree. Keep checking back for more updates.

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Under the Tree


Teenage Life

















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