Oakwood Barons Boys' Hockey

A Sports Report by Chris Quinn

Last year the boy’s hockey team suffered a disappointed loss to Leaside in the playoffs. With a 1-0 lead going into the last three minutes of play, the team was on the verge of upsetting one of the top seeds in the ‘A’ division but a late surge by the offensive powerhouse, Leaside, saw our dreams of a semi-final berth crushed. This year the Barons are looking to bounce back, looking for revenge in the playoffs.
The Barons returned with a large part of our team missing. Leading scorer, captain and leader, Andrew Roy, departed for Carleton University, leaving the team with holes to fill. Luckily, veterans from the past two years were returning for a third year under Coach Zinn as well as Coach Macmillan. Long time leader, Johnny ‘Streetmix’ Sirco returned to the team as a perennial leader. Stephen ‘Linguini’ Rapeene will once again be on top of the team in scoring along with the tenacious Alex Gayul. Guy ’28 seconds’ Duh Frankoh is returning from a season riddled with injuries looking to bring his scoring touch back to the line up. MJ ‘on his knees’ Palatso is bringing back his speed and quick hands for another season..
The defence is lead by third year veteran, Tommie ‘gimp knee’ Von Vagle. Backing him up is Fernando Castro who will use his strength to dominate the front of the net. Second year veterans Jeff Zellers and Chris Honours return with a year of High School hockey under their belts ready for another. Behind them is the goaltending tandem of Chris Kuinn and Jeremiah Powell. Powell who had two shut outs last year. Quinn ending the year with one of the lowest goals against in the league.
To fill the gaps, the team added more speed with Will ‘Screech’ Greensplatt and Taylor Lack-key. On defence they added the powerful shot of Spencer ‘broken wood’ Graignoley and Alexxx Thomas to add even more strength. The team was well rounded and ready for a new season.
We began with a tough game against North Toronto who won 3-1 mostly thanks to a great performance by their goaltender. After this crushing game, we headed to a tournament at York University which saw several tight games slip out of our grasp leaving us with nothing to show for it.
With our season slowly slipping away we headed into a match-up with Lawrence Park. Things seemed to be falling out of our hands when we found ourselves down 3-1 with ten minutes left in the third period. At this time we were pulled over to the side by Coach Zinn and set back on track. We responded by scoring seven seconds later. A couple minutes after that we had tied the score. The finishing touch was provided by John Circo who scored with a few minutes left to win the game.
On this emotional high, we headed to Ted Reeve Arena to face off with the division leading, undefeated East York squad. With a team decimated with injuries and illness we were left with 9 skaters. We made a noble effort but were unable to hold back the powerful East York offence, losing 4-1. It was a tough defeat; we knew at full strength we could defeat this team. The day before exams, we lost another close game to Northern. The close losses were piling up and we were two games below .500 going into the break.
We returned with a new thirst for hockey. Two days after coming off Break we were to square off against East York again, who had run their record to 4-0.With a roster not much larger than the last time we played them, we weren’t at full strength but we knew the importance of this game so we came out hard. To the shock of everyone but ourselves, we were up 2-0 midway into the third when a brief defensive lapse saw us all tied up after a minute of play. Early in the third, East York scored their third unanswered goal putting them ahead, but we responded and tied it up again and so it stayed as the clock ran down to zero leaving East York with the first blemish on their record and Oakwood with momentum heading into a month of important match-ups.
After an unsuccessful tournament and another disappointing loss to Northern, Oakwood was in desperate need of a comeback. It didn’t look likely against second-ranked Malvern. The Barons came out flying and we found ourselves up 2-0 at the end of the second. Losing a lead like this before, we weren’t going to let it happen again. Malvern began applying more pressure and things looked grim until Chris Quinn made a brilliant toe save on a 2 on 1 which sparked the team to score 3 more late goals to end the game with 5-1 victory over second place Malvern. Now on a roll, the Oakwood boys are looking for your help.
For all you Oakwood fans, come out and support the most exciting team at Oakwood—Boys’ Hockey.

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Girls' Hockey at Oakwood: Alive and Kicking

By Maddie Endicott

A group of girls with the help and enthusiasm of Ms. Maroosis and Mr. Abdelmassih started the Oakwood Girls’ Hockey team back in 1992. With only a small number of players, some of whom didn’t have full equipment, they were still enthusiastic and learned to love the game. Since then, with the continuing support of Ms. Maroosis and the newly arrived Mr. Zinn, the team has grown and developed into the thriving hockey team it is today.


Playing in the B division for the last 11 years the team has won the championship 3 times. This year it has successfully moved up to the A division.
The team this year features many valuable new additions, including Grade 9’s Sarah and Julia Endicott, Lauren Hall, Jasmine Kakuk, Katie Stephen and newly arrived Grade 11 Dina Cipin.
In net, Lea Bailey continues successfully, recording two shut outs in three games with the help of rock solid defence Dina, Sarah, Katie, Julia, Jasmine and returning defenceman Rena Ashton (Red).
On the forward front there are many familiar faces. The talented Grade 12 centre Ashley Guizzo continues to star, scoring thirty goals in fifteen games. Winger Robin Magder has also distinguished herself in the last game scoring two of the four goals. In addition to Robin, Grade 11 wingers Rowan Meyer-Macaulay, Christina Mullins (Dougy) and Ginger Dean along with Grade 10’s Nicole Bardikoff, Kyle Beechey, Ella Bedard (with a goal in the first game) and Grade 9 Lauren Hall contribute solidly to the team’s success.
Newly arrived on the offensive scene is Maddie Endicott. What Maddie is doing playing centre instead of defence is beyond me but I’m sure she’d appreciate anyone who wants to teach her how to win a face off.
As always, the team continues to be supported from many directions. Special thanks to Ms. Quigley and the Girls’ Phys. Ed Department, who have generously bought new jerseys and socks for the team. Amy Lake and Elysha Macgovern do a great job sharing the managers’ duties. By organizing things like the team bake sales, the managers have helped the team successfully raise over $450 to assist in paying the fees for the Ice Gardens Elite Tournament on Feb. 15/16, 2004. Their efforts take some of the stress off of the ever-busy Ms. Maroosis, whose enthusiasm for girls’ hockey is always alive and kicking, even at 7am practices.
Speaking of which, Mr. Zinn continues to teach the girls the game of hockey and his time and efforts are greatly appreciated, even if they are used at such an un-heavenly hour.
Overall, the season’s prospects look good and the girls continue to have lots of fun playing the best game in the world.

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It's Cool in the Pool

By Kyla Alsbury

Your arms and legs are tensing up, your pulse quickens and you are surrounded by people your age going through the exact same feelings and thoughts. No, this is not a semi-formal or a final exam, this is a swim meet. The Oakwood swim team is one of the most dedicated teams at our school, and has had a long-standing reputation as a worthy competitor. We practice from Monday to Friday, with 3 practices in the morning at the bright and early hour of 7 a.m., and 2 practices after school.
So far this year, we have swum against UFA, Forest Hill and many of the top teams in Ontario at the U of T Invitational swim meet. I’d love to tell you that we won every meet so far, but that wouldn’t be quite accurate. A swim meet is comprised of individual events, so to win a meet, your team would have to score highest overall. Most teams who win overall have a large amount of swimmers, with a wide gap between the skill levels. However, I’d like to think that it’s quality not quantity when it comes to Oakwood’s swim team.
This year, we have a very strong junior team and we have great expectations for them this year and for the future. Although there are few seniors, their enthusiasm is overwhelming and we hope to see them place highly at Finals. The swim team is also very close-knit despite the differences in ages. This could be due to the fact that the swimming season stretches from around November to March, including OFSAA dates, which means that we spend a lot of time with each other.
Swimmers who have graduated from Oakwood have also continued to swim during university. Iska Moxon-Emre is on the synchronized swim team at McGill University, Cicely Alsbury and Katie Sexton continue to swim at Guelph University, and Aidan Lumley swims competitively at Trent.
After a strong showing at the City Finals, Keith Hosannah, Kyla Alsbury, Sara Greenberg, Lizzie Savaria, Jenny Keating and Sarah Melvin will continue to train until March 2-4 where they will compete at The Etobicoke Olympium against swimmers from all over Ontario.

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